Sacombank offers a variety of e-banking fees promotions for import-export businesses


Accompanying with import-export businesses to overcome difficulties and effects caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, from now until the end of November 30, 2020, Sacombank has implemented many special incentives to support import-export enterprises using Electronic Banking (eBanking). Specifically, Sacombank has free international remittance for the first 3 months for the newly registered import-export enterprises; Free maintenance service and eBanking transaction fee until November 30, 2020 for all import-export enterprises.

From the goal of continuously enhancing customer experience by focusing on digital channels, eBanking Sacombank is always updated with new features and promotions.
Businesses using eBanking services can perform transactions such as: internal/external salary payment for up to 2,000 employees in only one transaction, online tax payment, bill payment, loan payment, transfer international money eLC, eFT ...
In addition, businesses can schedule money transfers in the future; pay multiple partners at the same time; Multi-channel affiliate transactions with various authentication methods such as mSign, QR Code, Advance Token or Digital Signature (one of the highest authentication methods prescribed by the National Bank that Sacombank has implemented since March 20, 2020). In particular, the approval model is designed to suit each different business size: multi-level for large, medium and small enterprises; 1-level transactions for micro businesses.
Besides, businesses can also actively open online accounts, apply for online loans 24/7 and print online transaction forms. Not only is it diversified in specific utilities and services, but the information security and transparency factor is also a great advantage of Sacombank to help businesses proactively search online electronic invoices, deposit information, letter of guarantee via QR code is provided as soon as the Bank issues the letter of guarantee or deposit agreement.
In addition, Sacombank also provides specialized products and services for businesses such as Business Cards, which help separate personal expenses and business expenses; overdraft loans quickly meet the short-term capital needs of enterprises.
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