Sacombank offers many promotions for customers who open and transact online cards


From now to June 30th, 2020, Sacombank has launched a promotion program “Surfing cards online – Immense Offers” for the new registered customers opening international credit card at website: and the customers using credit card/payment card to shop online. The progam includes many gifts and attractive promotions such as Got It e-vouchers worth up to VND 500.000 to use at nearly 2.000 stores nationwide; refund 10% when shopping; discount 15% when order via Now, Tiki, Baemin, Loship and Jio Health.

The new registered customers who successfully open and active Sacombank credit card will receive Got It e-voucher worth VND 100.000 to use at nearly 2.000 stores nationwide. In addition, customers will receive additional Got It e-voucher when making online payment transaction at least VND 500.000 by Standard/Gold card and Got It e-voucher worth VND 500.000 when having online payment transaction at least VND 1 million by Plantinum card or above within 30 days of activating the card. Customers use Sacombank international credit card will be received special promotion when paying via websites/mobile apps such as Now (discount VND 20.000 for bill at least VND 80.000 from now to July 31th, 2020), Tiki (discount VND 150.000 for bill at least VND 1 million in every Friday and Saturday from now to August 31st 2020), Baemin (discount VND 30.000 for bill at least VND 50.000 from now to June 30th, 2020), Loship (discount 15% for bill at least VND 50.000 from now to June 30th, 2020) and Jio Health(discount VND 40.000 for bill at least VND 200.000 from now to May 31st, 2020).
Customers are owning Sacombank international credit card or Sacombank international payment card will be refunded 10%, maximum VND 1 million per month when having at least 3 online payment transactions (minium VND 200.000/transaction) and total transaction value reaches VND 5 million or more
Sacombank card is convenient transaction method which replaces for cash with a lot of utilities such as: payment and withdraw money worldwide, especially payment by touching the card to POS machine or scan the QR code at acceptance points worldwide and withdraw money without plastic card by scan the QR code at Sacombank ATM nationwide; shopping via Internet; discount up to 50% when eating, shopping, travelling…; Sacombank Pay application helps to comprehensive card management 24/7 and proactively perform inter-bank transfers, top-up phones, pay all kinds of bills ...
With Sacombank international credit card, customer will have the necessary backup finance source for all spending needs thanks to many utilities such as pre-paid and post-paid are entitled to interest free up to 55 days without collaterals; cash withdrawal of 90% of the credit limit at all domestic and international ATMs; 0% interest installment payment for payment transaction anytime, anywhere and cash withdrawal at Sacombank ATMs; accumulate reward points / miles when shopping for gifts or get a refund ... The condition for opening the card is an income at least VND 5 million/month if the customer live in Hanoi, TPHCM and at least VND 3 million for the other provinces
With Sacombank international payment card, customer can associate card with their Sacombank payment deposit account. Throught the card, customer can use the money in account to transact anytime and anywhere with Sacombank E-Banking, Sacombank Pay application and Sacombank ATMs nationwide. In order to open card, customer need to have identity card, citizen ID or passport. 
For futher informtion, please contact us via hotline 1900 5555 88 or 028 3526 6060; access to website and register card online at website