Sacombank offers preferential interest rates of up to 2% per year for enterprises and businesses


From February 27, 2020, Sacombank has deployed preferential capital worth VND 10,000 billion with a sharp reduction of interest rate of up to 2% per year for individual and corporate customers to serve production and business. Based on the business plan and capital usage, customers can borrow short-term loans with the minimum interest rate of 6.5% / year for businesses and 8.5% / year for individuals. The time for deploying the loan package will end on June 30, 2020 or when reaching the limit.

In addition, in order to respond to the Government's and the State Bank's policies, Sacombank will have a debt restructuring policy, reduce loan interest rates in accordance with regulations and guidelines of the State Bank for the group customers who have been affected by Covid-19, in specific for those who are operating in the export, tourism, resorts, restaurants, hotels, textiles, footwear, agriculture, rural areas...

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