Easily register mSign on Sacombank Pay


Sacombank has just launched a mSign registration feature (transaction authentication) right on Sacombank Pay application instead of just registering at transaction counters or via SMS as before.

Accordingly, customers can easily download Sacombank Pay application and mSign application from App Store or Google Play and register for the service by following simple steps: Register and authenticate Sacombank Pay account - Select the feature "Management of Sacombank Pay" account management” - Select “Info settings” - Select “mSign authentication” - Select "Activate" will automatically open mSign and turn on the notification, select Agree ( ✓) to continue - Enter the activation code ( 8 numbers) sent by Sacombank to the phone number registered with the Bank - Set up login password of mSign.

Unlike other methods of receiving OTP transaction verification codes by Token devices or SMS messages, Sacombank mSign application helps to complete transactions faster and more securely.

Sacombank mSign has 3 authentication modes: mConnected, mCode and mQR. With mConnected, customers can browse Sacombank Pay, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, online card transactions (3D Secure) directly on mSign with Internet connection without entering OTP code; with mCode, customers get OTP from mSign without Internet connection; With mQR, customers browse Internet Banking transactions more securely through 2 steps of scanning QR code and entering S-OTP code.

For detailed information, please kindly contact Hotline 1900 5555 88 or 028 3526 6060; access to website khuyenmai.sacombank.com and register for card at Sacombank’s transaction offices.