Effective cash flow management, businesses turn challenges into opportunities


Cash flow is considered a key factor creating stability in operations, solvency and determining the survival of the business. At a volatile time like today, effective cash flow management will help businesses turn challenges into opportunities and be the basis for breakthroughs when the opportunities come.

The importance of cash flow management

Every business wants to optimize its receivables/payables to serve production and business, to concentrate on liquidity and short-term investments on idle cash. Especially, for businesses with a wide network of suppliers/distributors, large customer/partner/members network in industries such as manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, animal feed, insurance, securities, payment intermediaries, fintech, e-commerce, logistics, etc., cash flow management is even more important.

How to effectively manage cash flow?

With digital transformation taking place strongly in all industries and types of businesses, effective cash flow management is a harmonious combination of optimization and automation of internal processes at each business, together with the use of modern banking services.

Foreseeing this trend, with the advantage of digitization and always pioneering in launching new products and services with high-tech applications, and a large network among the top leading banks in Vietnam, Sacombank has been and is provides professional and effective cash flow management solutions for businesses: from connecting to automatic updates, reducing the time to reconcile receipts and executing payment orders through to automated, multi-function solutions, diversifying payment methods according to each business's needs on the basis of modern technology helps to make transactions fast, safe and secure.

When using Sacombank's Cash Flow Management service, businesses will experience many pioneering utilities such as: Payment Gateway Service and POS/QR/Tap To Phone; Collection Service with automatic reconciliation; Online payment service with API connection, ERP connection; Cooperate in exploiting the mutual ecosystem on the eKYC platform and open online payment accounts and cross-sell products and services.

In recent years, more and more Vietnamese enterprises have stepped up their activities in the e-commerce market, transformed services to match trends, actively searched for output markets, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to ensure the safety and convenience of e-commerce transactions, Sacombank ePay electronic payment gateway is the optimal choice to help directly connect the enterprise's sales website with customers' payment channels through the banking system, allowing simple and fast online payment for utility bills such as electricity, water, online supermarket...

Powering the business

Facing the complicated condition of the Covid-19 pandemic, from June 18, 2021, Sacombank has deployed a preferential capital of up to VND 10,000 billion with an interest rate of only 4%/year, a maximum loan term of 6 months to accompanying export enterprises and supporting enterprises to overcome difficulties in production and business activities.

In addition, Sacombank is applying a loan interest rate reduction of up to 1% for corporate customers and offers a series of fee incentives such as: free Internet Banking and Mobile Banking; annual fee and management service for the first year applying for business card; Payroll service; exempt/reduce fees for domestic and international money transfer, trade finance, guarantee... which are flexible according to business size.