Foreign Remittance via Sacombank Internet Banking


From March 8, 2021, Sacombank implemented a new feature which can make remittance from abroad on Internet Banking ( for legitimate purposes such as study, medical treatment, family allowance, and remittance to heirs, to work, to settle down, to pay fees and charges ... with a variety of foreign currencies such as USD, AUD, CAD, CHF. EUR, GBP, JPY, SGD… and competitive fees.

Instead of having to go directly to the Bank's counter to make transactions, customers can now actively do it on Internet Banking with simple steps which save time and money. Time to make foreign remittance is from Monday to Friday, transactions after 3 pm will be processed on the next working day.

Internet Banking ( and Mobile Banking (Sacombank mBanking app) are two channels belonging to Sacombank eBanking. This is a financial management solution, fully integrated and continuously improving modern banking features, helping customers to experience more new utilities in terms of digital banking. In addition to the basic functions such as: internal money transfer or interbank money transfer, bill payment, credit card payment, loan payment, phone top-up / prepaid card, postpaid travel ticket payment, foreign currency sales..., Sacombank eBanking also offers many other utilities such as: buying air/ train / bus ticket, booking hotel, buying non-life insurance; money transfer to Visa / MasterCard; money transfer/ receive by mobile phone; payment by QR code; deposit securities, online savings, online deposit mortgage loan and many other services ...