Open Sacombank Vietnam Airlines Visa credit card and get thousand miles


From now to August 8th 2021, Sacombank has conveyed the “Get thousand miles when opening Sacombank Vietnam Airlines Visa credit card” promotion for new customers applying for Sacombank Vietnam Airlines Visa (Signature/Platinum) credit card. Accordingly, customers spending VND 5 million within 30 days from the date of card activation will be rewarded with 5,000 and 2,500 miles to their Signature and Platinum card correspondingly.

Sacombank Vietnam Airlines Visa co-branded credit cards (including Signature and Platinum cards) debuted on April 9th 2021. Main benefits include from standard features such as a backup financial solution and a modern payment method to a wide range of premium exclusives: air miles accumulation, Lotus Miles Titan card upgrading, redeemed-miles reduction, currency conversion fee waiver for the first year, full cashback of the first year annual fee, global travel insurance up to VND 11,4 billion. Therefore, the cards make a perfect choice for Vietnam Airlines frequent passengers.

In addition, cardholders will be free interest charged of maximum 55 days for purchases without instant payment; make purchase at store/online and withdraw cash globally; make 0% installment payment plan transaction etc.

In summary, the cards are a great combination of Sacombank and Vietnam Airlines’ offers and priorities.

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