Regster for Sacombank credit cards right at home


Sacombank has upgraded the online credit card registration service so that customers can easily apply for credit cards at home with simple steps as follows: visit - fulfil the form with basic information and confirm mobile number – choose a suitable credit card – confirm information and register where to collect the card – submit the form. Sacombank will announce the card issuance result via email/SMS within 2 working days. Then customers will go collecting the card at the branch/transaction point as registered.

In addition, from 10/05/2021, customers having savings account at Sacombank can apply for fast-issuing credit cards on Sacombank Pay application, get the issuance result within 5 minutes and the plastic card will be delivered to the registered address later.

Sacombank personal credit cards are the essential finance back-up solution to all spending demands with many benefits including unlimited credit limit; interest-free period up to 55 days without collateral for payment transactions; worldwide acceptance for cash withdrawal and payment, especially contactless and QR transactions; reward points/miles accumulated on spending to redeem gifts/cashback; 0% interest instalment plan for worldwide payment transactions and cash withdrawal at Sacombank ATMs; discounts of up to 50% when dining, shopping, travelling; 24/7 transactions via eBanking, Sacombank Pay app etc.

For detailed information, kindly contact Hotline 1900 5555 88 or 028 3526 6060; visit; and register for credit cards at Sacombank branches or