Sacombank is the best bank in Vietnam 2020


Sacombank is honored for the 4th time to be “Best Bank in Vietnam 2020” by The Asset magazine, awarded in Hong Kong. This is an annual award to honor outstanding businesses and organizations in the fields of finance, banking, capital resources and capital markets, making a practical contribution to the development of the financial industry in ASIA.

Sacombank is highly appreciated through strategic criteria in 2020 to attract investment, customers, to develop services, growing service quality in the market and providing high social benefit transaction which would motivate the development of the whole industry in general. Over nearly 30 years of establishment and development, Sacombank has a fairly large charter capital scale and extensive network, ranked among the top 5 largest banks in Vietnam, not only impressed with Vietnamese enterprises, but also a significant mark to the international friends.

Besides, Sacombank’s operation is in a very actively way and sufficient in all fields. The Bank has experienced stable growth in market share, effectively exploited network advantages, enriched customer experience, made the most of employee’s strength, and was drastic in debt settlement. Implementing digital transformation from 5 years ago, many systems have been pioneered by Sacombank and today, Sacombank continues to focus on strongly investing in modern technology platforms, specifically launching 5 joint projects related to information technology with a total investment of hundreds of billion dong.