Sacombank to be one of the Best Companies to work for in Asia 2021


Sacombank was honourably awared with the “Best Companies to work for in Asia 2021” award by HR Asia. Sacombank was highly appreciated by The HR Asia committee in implementing transparent and professional human resource policies including promotion, income and incentives, allowance, training structures; modern technology in people governance alongside with its unique business culture focusing on humanism, positive energy, and connection.

From 100 employees since the establishing year in 1991 till now, Sacombank has reached 18,500 employees, which is resulted from its business size and operation network growth. “Reckoning people is the most valued asset, Sacombank always focuses on creating a friendly and professional working environment. All employees have opportunities to develop their career path stably as well as optimize their value and ability. The bank has built up a promotion structure for all titles with a clear route, which helps its employees plan and develop their career path. Concurrently, the bank frequently conducts educating seminars and soft skills training courses for employees from all levels to leverage their professional knowledge and skills. Besides, Sacombank continuously improves the staff’s life quality by maintaining and raising the average income as well as helpful activities to boost up their spirit.”, said Mr. Le Duc Thinh, Sacombank deputy CEO.

In 2021, Sacombank has launched SP SuccessFactors system to digitalize all procedures related to managing and developing human resource, which marks a significant milestone for the Bank’s digital transformation in operations and contributes to proving its success in implementing human resource strategy and the best working environment.