Experience Sacombank payment technology at HCMC Innovation and Digital Transformation Week 2022


From 13/10 – 14/10, Sacombank attended the exhibition event of the HCMC Innovation and Digital Transformation Week 2022. The exhibition brought together start-up businesses and innovative businesses with digital transformation solutions to serve the people, contributing to socio-economic development.

Payment technologies displayed by Sacombank at the event include QR code, Contactless, Tap to phone. In addition, customers can also open a payment account with a customized number on Sacombank Pay application and receive many attractive gifts when visiting the Bank's exhibition area.

The above technologies were pioneered by Sacombank to be deployed to the market, bringing outstanding payment experiences, increasing utility and convenience, and contributing to popularizing cashless payment trends in the community. In particular, the feature of opening an account right on the Sacombank Pay application is highly appreciated when catching up quickly with the trend of online finance, eliminating geographical distance, creating maximum convenience for customers to be accessed to banking services from anywhere. Especially, Tap to Phone technology is considered an effective support tool for businesses when allowing card acceptors to use mobile phones or tablets as a POS device for contactless payments. As a result, businesses with a wide distribution channel network, and small and medium enterprises can deploy a variety of payment acceptance methods at the point of sale without spending too much on investment.

The feature of opening an account right on Sacombank Pay application helps customers easily access to banking services wherever they are.

This exhibition is considered a necessary stepping stone for people to access Sacombank modern ecosystem of products and services in specific, as well as the national financial system that is moving towards comprehensive digitization in general. In addition to modern payment technologies, Sacombank also spends resources to invest heavily in digital transformation activities in management, administration and in thinking and working methods. The bank has just established the Digital Transformation Center last year, and at the same time implemented a series of important projects such as the LinuxONE server project to increase the efficiency of database consolidation and speed up processing information management and confidentiality; operating the CRM system, the Loan origination system (LOS), the Smart Queue automatic transaction flow system, etc. to help shorten the process, save time, and increase efficiency, activity results.

By the end of September 2022, Sacombank customer scale reached more than 10 million; digital channel transactions grew strongly to more than 3.6 million users on Sacombank Pay channel, up 71% compared to the first 8 months of 2021, and reached more than 3.2 million Internet Banking/Mobile Banking users, up 13% compared to the previous year; the rate of payment transactions via digital channels reached 86% of payment transactions incomes.

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