Sacombank cooperates with Napas to launch Napas Combo Card integrated card line


Napas Combo Card is developed on the basis of domestic chip technology, providing a versatile experience for users.

Napas Combo Card is an integrated card line between a payment card and a credit card on the same chip, customers can pay by their personal financial resource on the payment card or spend first - pay later on the credit card limit approved by Sacombank. At the same time, cardholders can also receive more incentives such as free issuance and participation in other promotion programs of Sacombank.

Specifically, Napas Combo Card cardholders are provided various payment methods such as: cash withdrawal via ATM; receive salary via card; make payment at Sacombank and Napas' POS, shopping online at various commodity websites; fast money transfer Napas247; etc.

At the same time, customers can use Napas Combo Card as a domestic credit card with features such as spend first, pay later with interest-free term up to 55 days, cash withdraw 100% credit limit at Sacombank ATMs; accumulate reward points to redeem gifts when shopping; buy goods with 0% interest installment anytime, anywhere; etc.

In addition, the advantage of the Napas Combo Card line of integrated cards is the application of modern payment technology, compliance with the technical base standards of domestic chip cards with absolute safety and security to help customers feel secure. in all payment transactions, spending via card. With contactless payment technology, cardholders simplify the payment process by simply tapping or waving the card in front of the POS machine screen. Or NFC payment method - contactless payment using mobile phone, touch NFC POS machine or mobile device with Tap to phone feature.

Napas Combo Card is considered a new step of Sacombank in deploying 1-chip integrated cards, opening a trend of lean and convenient finance for the market, especially after Sacombank launched its international card. Sacombank Mastercard Only One integrated the first chip in Vietnam and received positive feedback from customers.

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