Sacombank integrates transaction authentication feature on Sacombank Pay


From 25/5/2202, Sacombank deployed Smart OTP - a free transaction authentication feature to help customers make transactions quickly on Sacombank Pay.

With Smart OTP, all customer transactions are guaranteed securely through PIN when logging in and more convenient with biometric login (fingerprint/FaceID). This feature is deployed to provide customers a comprehensive digital experience. In the coming time, Sacombank will continue to improve our products and services, integrate modern technology to meet the needs of customers and approach the international digitalization trend.

Sacombank Pay is a combination of modern technologies such as big data, near field communication, artificial intelligence, face recognition technology, etc. It provides customers a friendly and easy-to-use interface with various features: Open account/credit card, link with domestic and international cards of all bank; Actively manage cards and accounts; Consumer loans with preferential interest rates; Saving; Fast Transfer/Deposit; Payment and withdrawal by scanning QR code; Buy lottery tickets; Book hotels; Buy air/car/train tickets, movie tickets; Pay bills; Top-up your phone, etc.