Sacombank to receive Vietnam Gold Star award for the 5th time


On March 30th 2022, Sacombank was honoured with the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021 – TOP 10 typical enterprises organized by the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association. This is the 5th time Sacombank received the award, demonstrating its tireless efforts, outstanding competitiveness and operational effectiveness over years.

The Vietnam Gold Star Award 2021 winner is selected based on specific criteria including business indicators, innovativeness, digital adaptation for business management and manufacturing to overcome the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

Given the situation of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak leaving heavy impact to the economy, thanks to the Bank’s flexible policies and the companionship of customers, Sacombank has gained outstanding performance in 2021. With the increasing development of technology, Sacombank has continued to make investment into digital technology for business and administration to optimize operation as well as to enhance experience for customers by a modern and sufficient ecosystem of products and services.

After 5 years of effectively restructuring, Sacombank has transformed strongly as it has completely dealt with most of the legacy issues, which shortened the progress of the Restructuring Plan and maintained the trust from shareholders, partners, customers, and investors. Particularly, Sacombank has restructured organization and improved governance capacity; reallocated branch network; drastically handled NPLs and actively revised the asset portfolio; developed business activities to generate income for provision and allocation of legacy assets; and regained market position, increased brand reputation, and improved credit rating.

From the beginning of 2022 till now, Sacombank has received many awards by prestigious organizations such as VNR500 Ranking - Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2021 organized by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company in collaboration with Vietnamnet; Outstanding Retail Bank; Outstanding Digital Transformation Bank in the series of Vietnam Retail Banking Forum event by IDG International Data Group and Banking Association.

Those awards have shown the impressive development of Sacombank to enhance and strengthen digital banking services to become one of the top modern, multi-functional and prestigious banks in Vietnam.