Smart investment with Sacombank's certificate of deposit


Following the developments and needs of the market, with the goal of diversifying products and creating a safe and stable investment channel for customers, from July 25, 2022, Sacombank issued certificates of deposit applicable for whole system for individual and institutional customers with a limit of VND3,000 billion. In particular, when needed for capital use, customers can withdraw part or all of the deposit before maturity.

Specifically, customers who buy long-term certificates of deposit with a minimum par value of VND 1 million with a term of 7 years (84 months) will receive an attractive interest rate of up to 7.33% in the first year. Interest rates in the following years will be adjusted appropriately, ensuring competition in the market. In addition, customers can flexibly transfer certificates of deposit at any time and can mortgage them when they need to borrow certificates of deposit.

Certificate of deposit is a valuable paper similar to a saving book and a deposit contract issued by a bank to certify a customer's ownership of a term deposit at a bank. This is a safe and effective investment solution for customers at this period of time.