Celebrating 21 years of spreading love and bringing the warmth of spring to the community


Sacombank kicks off its 21st annual charity initiative, "Spring Warmth," from 29/12/2023, until 03/02/2024. In the Year of the Dragon 2024, this initiative continues its mission to bring joy to thousands of lonely elderly individuals, orphans, disabled children, and those facing difficult circumstances across 51 provinces and cities in Vietnam. The allocated budget for this year's charitable activities amounts to VND 8.5 billion, contributing to a cumulative expenditure of over VND 94 billion by Sacombank over the 21-year span. This commitment underscores Sacombank's dedication to social responsibility and local economic development.

True to tradition, Sacombank starts the new year with "Spring Warmth," as its leaders and employees across different localities directly engage with communes, wards, charity facilities, and loving homes. Activities include visits, encouragement, gift deliveries, and celebrations for disadvantaged children, disabled individuals, lonely elderly people, and households facing hardships and misfortune.

Under the guiding principle of "Accompanying development," Sacombank integrates love and community sharing into its mission, not only during "Spring Warmth" but throughout the entire year. Additional meaningful initiatives include blood donation drives under "Sharing from the heart," the "Nurturing Dreams" scholarship program, and the "Steps for the Community" running race. The latter, organized in collaboration with the Vietnam Youth Union, successfully engaged thousands of Sacombank officials, employees, union members, and youth nationwide. The initiative resulted in the successful construction of numerous community cultural houses for ethnic minorities through 14 stages of implementation.

Ms. Nguyen Duc Thach Diem, Standing Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Sacombank, offering encouragement to blind students at the Can Tho City School for Disabled Children.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Tri, Deputy CEO of Sacombank, delivering Tet gifts to those in difficult circumstances in Can Tho City. 

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hai Dang, Director of Sacombank Southwest Region, presenting symbolic support to the Red Cross Society and the Center for Nurturing the Elderly and Young in Can Tho City. 

Ms. Quach Thanh Ngoc Thuy, Deputy CEO of Sacombank, visiting and providing support to families of pediatric patients at Dong Nai Children's Hospital.

Mr. Pham Thanh Ky, Director of Sacombank Southeast Region, presenting symbolic support to Dong Nai Children's Hospital. 

Pediatric patients at Dong Nai Children's Hospital receive Tet gifts and lucky money from Sacombank.

Ms. Nguyen Duc Thach Diem - Standing Vice Chairman of BODs and CEO of Sacombank visited, encouraged and delivered Tet gifts to patients at the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

Mr. Tran Anh Viet - Director of Sacombank Hanoi Region visited and delivered gifts to patients at the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

Mr. Tran Anh Viet - Director of Sacombank Hanoi Region represented Sacombank to receive a letter of appreciation from Associate Professor Ph.D Nguyen Ha Thanh, Director of the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

Patients of the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion celebrate Tet early with Sacombank's "Spring Warmth" program.

Sacombank's "Spring Warmth" program brings warmth and meaningful Tet gifts to individuals and communities in need.