Get Shopee e-voucher when spending online with Sacombank Mastercard debit card


From July 3 to the end of 2023, Sacombank Mastercard debit cardholders who spend online will have the opportunity to receive thousands of Shopee e-vouchers with a total value of up to VND 1.8 billion.


Specifically, individual customers who are Sacombank Mastercard debit cardholders and have a total online transaction turnover from VND 250,000 to less than VND 500,000 per month will receive a Shopee e-voucher worth VND 50,000. For those with a monthly turnover from VND 500,000 to less than VND 1 million, they will receive a Shopee e-voucher worth VND 100,000. Additionally, those with a monthly turnover of VND 1 million or more will receive a Shopee e-voucher worth VND 200,000. Each Sacombank Mastercard payment cardholder can receive up to 6 e-vouchers during the promotion period.

The e-voucher applies to all products listed for sale on Shopee, including airline tickets, hotels, movie tickets, bills, etc., except for phone sim purchases, electricity and water payments, scratch cards, e-vouchers, and baby milk products (from 0 to under 2 years old).

Sacombank Mastercard debit card provides customers with a variety of services and utilities, such as payment at millions of POS worldwide, safe and fast online payment with OTP security code, depositing cash into Sacombank cards/accounts at counters, Sacombank ATMs, or receiving transfers inside and outside the system, etc. Customers can actively manage their accounts and review all card transactions directly on the Sacombank Pay app.

For more information, please contact the Hotline at 1800 5858 88 or visit the website To register for online card opening, visit the website