Sacombank JCB credit cardholders have opportunity to receive travel vouchers to Japan and cash back incentives


From now until 31/8/2023, Sacombank is offering a special opportunity to JCB international credit cardholders, providing them with travel vouchers to Japan and attractive cash back incentives based on their transaction volume. The total value of incentives available is up to VND 1.4 billion.

During the promotion period, Sacombank JCB Ultimate and Sacombank JCB credit cardholders with the highest transaction volume, at least VND 80 million, will be eligible to immediately receive a travel voucher worth VND 40 million to explore Japan.

Additionally, Sacombank will offer a cash refund of up to VND 500,000 to JCB credit cardholders who have the highest total spending, with a minimum spending of VND 1 million.

Sacombank JCB international credit card is a card brand originating from Japan, providing essential financial support for all spending needs. It offers numerous utilities, including pre-purchase and post-pay options, interest-free periods of up to 55 days, convenient online shopping and payment facilities, cash withdrawal of 90% of the credit limit from domestic and international ATMs, and the option for 0% interest installment payments for all transactions.

For Sacombank JCB Ultimate credit cardholders, additional benefits include a 15% refund on overseas dining spending during weekends, a 10% refund on domestic dining spending during weekends, a 0.5% refund on remaining spending, free access to VIP airport lounges, and discounts on golf course usage for added convenience.

As one of the banks offering the widest range of credit cards in the Vietnam market, Sacombank boasts over 20 different card lines. It is dedicated to meeting all payment and daily spending needs, providing high-class experiences, and catering to the unique lifestyles of each customer.

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