As the year drew to a close, Sacombank bolstered capital and reduced lending interest rates to support customer


Aligned with the initiatives of the Government and the State Bank to provide affordable capital for individuals and businesses towards the end of 2023 and the Tet Holiday in 2024, Sacombank elevated its preferential loan capital to cater to production and business needs, consumer demands, and automobile purchases, all at an exceptionally low interest rate of 3% per year.

The concluding months of the year, particularly leading up to the New Year, witness an upsurge in the demand for cash, shopping, payment facilitation, debt settlement, and the augmentation of capital for goods reserves, production, and business to meet the rising needs of both individuals and enterprises.

In a bid to alleviate capital-related challenges for customers and contribute to economic recovery, with a focus on achieving sustainable, long-term growth, Sacombank has introduced a novel capital package amounting to VND 10,000 billion. This package is designed to expedite the production and business activities of corporate customers, featuring interest rates of 3% per year for a 1-month term, 4% per year for a 2-month term, from 5% per year for 3-month terms, and 5.5% per year for 4 to 12-month terms. This loan package is open for declarations until 31/01/2024. For medium and long-term production and business loans, as well as car purchases by businesses, Sacombank has adjusted the fixed interest rate to 8% per year for a 12-month term. This particular loan package will remain in effect until 31/12/2023, with a total allocation of VND 1,000 billion.

Individual customers are not left out, as Sacombank has also made adjustments to reduce the interest rates for a VND 15,000 billion package dedicated to short-term production and business loans. This package features rates as low as 6% per year for 1 to 3-month terms and 6.5% per year for 4 to 6-month terms, effective until 31/1/2024. Additionally, for the VND 10,000 billion package catering to consumer needs, Sacombank has set the fixed interest rate at 6.5% per year for the first 6 months or 7.5% per year for the first 12 months, applicable until 31/12/2023.

In tandem with these reduced interest rates, Sacombank provides customers utilizing its credit products with the advantages of high loan limits, diverse collateral options, simplified procedures, and prompt disbursement. Borrowers can also enjoy various privileges and benefits, including the customization of payment account numbers based on customer phone numbers, citizen ID numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, or establishment days, as well as tax codes for enterprises. Additionally, the bank offers free credit card opening and refunds on debit card transactions.

From the outset of 2023 until the present, Sacombank's consistent implementation of numerous preferential capital packages, featuring progressively decreasing interest rates, underscores its commitment to adhering to the close instructions from the State Bank to stimulate economic recovery, as well as creating optimal conditions for both individual and corporate customers to easily access affordable capital.

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