Sacombank emerges as a Leader in Growth, Volume, and Mastercard payment acceptance in 2023


During the recent 2023 Awards Ceremony hosted by Mastercard, Sacombank was recognized with three prestigious awards, securing its position as the Leading Bank in payment acceptance services, debit card growth, and the total number of debit cards issued.

Sacombank dẫn đầu về tăng trưởng, số lượng và dịch vụ chấp nhận thanh toán thẻ Mastercard năm 2023

Mastercard honored Sacombank in these categories due to the bank's outstanding performance in 2023, characterized by top-tier growth rates and a remarkable surge in the number of payment cards within the market. The recognition also reflects Sacombank's exceptional payment services, encompassing an optimal number of card acceptance points and sales. This achievement is a testament to Sacombank's ongoing commitment to innovation and product enhancement, all aimed at personalizing the customer experience.

The bank currently offers various Mastercard card lines, including Mastercard credit cards, World Mastercard credit cards, Mastercard debit cards, and the unique two-in-one integrated card, Mastercard Only One. The latter fully integrates credit and debit card features on a single chip, allowing customers to utilize both credit limits and cash from a Sacombank payment account for global transactions.

Credit cardholders benefit from a range of advantages, including interest-free spending periods of up to 55 days without collateral, up to 50% discounts on dining, shopping, and travel, and the option to make interest-free installment payments anywhere, anytime. The World Mastercard card line offers additional perks such as access to VIP lounges, global travel insurance, and unlimited golf/spa visits based on spending transaction turnover.

For debit card users, Sacombank provides secure withdrawal services at ATMs, payments at millions of global card acceptance locations, and safe online transactions with globally protected personal information. Customers using ATMs also receive shopping and risk insurance, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Sacombank stands out as a pioneer in issuing virtual cards on mobile platforms through the Sacombank Pay application. Customers can easily register, open, and receive free credit cards and online payment cards instantly for hassle-free transactions.

Beyond the diversity of products, features, and incentive programs, Sacombank's card products are increasingly personalized. They are designed based on an understanding of customers' needs and usage habits, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate these cards into various daily activities and expenses. This personalized approach has contributed to Sacombank's popularity among new customers. With over two decades in the card industry, Sacombank currently ranks among the top in terms of payment volume in the market and has earned numerous prestigious awards.

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