Sacombank guarantees the rights of customers at the Cam Ranh Transaction Office and hopes the matter will soon proceed to trial


The Khanh Hoa Provincial Police Investigation Agency has announced the investigation conclusion and proposed prosecution for the case at Sacombank - Cam Ranh Transaction Office.

Sacombank - Cam Ranh T/O is operating normally and stably

This incident was previously reported to the press by Sacombank. Upon discovering the incident, Sacombank proactively transferred the file to the competent authority for investigation and prosecution, aiming to handle violations strictly and ensure customer rights. For customers determined by the authorities to have been appropriated by the suspects for more than VND 17 billion, Sacombank has fully compensated them. Simultaneously, Sacombank decided to terminate the employment of the individuals involved and reorganize personnel at Cam Ranh T/O.

This incident was unintended, violating the legal rights of both customers and Sacombank. The Bank advocates for the strict handling of all violations and continuously applies strengthening measures to ensure operational safety at the Cam Ranh Transaction Office and the entire Sacombank system. Currently, the Cam Ranh Transaction Office, with a new staff, is operating safely, stably, and effectively.

Sacombank hopes that the case will soon go to trial, ensuring the rights and obligations of all parties involved.