Sacombank implements new regulations on overseas remittance according to Circular 20/2022/TT-NHNN


From 15/2/2023, Circular 20/2022/TT-NHNN (Circular 20) providing guidance for the substances related to the one-way money transfers from Vietnam to overseas, and the payment or the money transfers for other current transactions by residents being institutions or individuals is officially effective.

The content of Circular 20 mentions the cases of purchasing, transferring or carrying foreign currencies overseas for the purpose of sponsorship, aid, study abroad, tourism, medical treatment, and allowances for relatives, etc.

To respond to this new and essential information, Sacombank has implemented internal policy to guide and advise customers in a timely manner, ensuring that customers' payment and money transfer abroad is convenient, fast and in accordance with the regulations of the SBV.

Previously, in order to provide customers better information of the Circular 20, Sacombank has made announcement via Sacombank's online sites such as website ( and internet banking (

See a summary of regulations on international money transfer under Circular 20 here

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