Spring buds for customers participating in insurance at Sacombank


From 27/01/2023 to 19/02/2023, Sacombank launches the promotion program “Peaceful as wish - Lucky for Spring” for customers participating in Dai-ichi Life Vietnam life insurance at Sacombank transaction points nationwide.

Accordingly, customers with newly issued insurance contracts during the program period with the first insurance premium (IP) from VND25 million and VND40 million will receive the lucky money worth VND179,179 and VND268,268 respectively. The lucky money will be transferred to the customer's Sacombank current account or Sacombank Pay account.

In addition, customers will receive other attractive incentives such as cashback up to 30% IP, free 0% installment conversion, etc.

For detailed information, please contact Sacombank transaction points nationwide; hotline 1800 5858 88; Email: ask@sacombank.com; Website https://www.sacombank.com.vn/