Experience outstanding benefits and offers with Sacombank Tiki Platinum credit card.

Outstanding features

10% cashback

On purchase at Tiki/Ticketbox

100% cashback

Annual fee in the first year





  • 10% cashback for the payment transactions at Tiki website/app and Ticketbox.
  • 3% cashback on online transactions at other merchant category codes (except Tiki and special MCCs).
  • 0,5% cashback on other MCCs purchases.

Note: the maximum amount of cashback per one billing cycle for cardholder is VND 600,000, totaling VND 7,200,000/year; the minimum amount of cashback is VND 10,000/billing cycle/cardholder.

Refer to cashback conditions here.

View special MCC here

(Detailed cashback conditions will be sent to customers via email after cards are activated).

Annual fee cashback

  • 100% annual fee cash back in the first year for new cardholders who reach a total spending of at least VND 2,000,000 (accumulation is allowed) at Tiki and/or Ticketbox within 30 days from the date of activation.
  • 20% annual fee cashback of the following years when reaching the minimum purchases of VND 12,000,000/year from the previous year.

Free shipping for 30 orders per month (maximum VND 20,000 per order) for orders from VND 200,000.

Free Global Travel Insurance package up to VND 11.6 billion (See details).

Other benefits:

  • Buy now, pay later up to 55 days interest free.
  • 0% interest instalment anytime, anywhere.
  • Withdraw cash up to 90% credit limit.
  • Purchase at millions of POS terminals around the world and over the internet.
  • Enjoy special offers around the world from Visa.
  • Up to 50% off when dining, shopping, travel, etc.

Refer to the card user guide here.

 Enjoy shopping at Tiki and TicketBox with Sacombank Tiki Platinum credit card.

Enjoy shopping at Tiki and TicketBox with Sacombank Tiki Platinum credit card.

Fee Schedule

  • Credit limit: from VND 10 million.
  • Annual fee: VND 990,000 (without the issue of additional card)
  • Other fees follow the periodical Platinum credit card requirements.

Learn detailed fees here.


1. Eligibility

  • Customers of Tiki, Tiki and Sacombank employees and other customers.
  • Age: from 22 to 70 years old.
  • Having income from shopping at Tiki or monthly minimum income from VND 5 million (for living in Ho Chi Minh/ Ha Noi City) and from VND 3 million (for living in the cities/ other provinces).

2. How to register:

3. Application requirements

Read Terms & conditions here.


See more details promotions here.

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