Sacombank Mastercard World Travel Credit Card is financial solution which is suitable for every corporate, specifically for tourism & travel businesses with flexible features that affirms the business' class and positioning.

Outstanding features


Exemption from payment liability upon employment termination


Enjoy over 1,000 airport lounges


Baggage loss insurance


Exemption from payment liability for transactions arising when employees  using cards leave: up to VND 33,750,000,000/year

Premium airport service:

  • Enjoy more than 1,000 airport lounges over 130 countries around the world with 01 free first lounge entitlement/cardholder
  • Preferential airport shuttle service with Limousine.

Worldwide data connection: Free Data Roaming data package 1GB / 5 days and 15% off next data packages. See more detail here.

Golf Privllieges: Up to 50% off green fees of 42 golf clubs in 10 countries and Golf courses in Singapore.


  • Accident insurance and travel expenses / Inconvenience in the journey up to VND 562,500,000.
  • Luggage storage insurance up to VND 67,500,000.
The Sacombank Mastercard Travel card provides superior airport service.

The Sacombank Mastercard Travel card provides superior airport service.


  • Card limit is up to VND 5 billion.
  • Card validity is 5 years.
  • Buy now, pay later, interest free up to 55 days.


Customers please contact:

  • Nearest Sacombank branch
  • Customer Service Center 24/7: 1800 5858 88
  • Email:

Fees and Charges

  • Check out the fee schedule here.


See details of the offer here.



Is there a limit to the number of cards that an organization can register for corporate credit cards for employees?

Unlimited number of credit cards for employees.


Is collateral required during the corporate card registration?

Sacombank has policy for business credit card including collateral and non-collateral.


What is the maximum credit limit for Sacombank corporate credit card?

Up to VND 5 billion.


Can a personal credit card holder at Sacombank apply for a corporate credit card?

Yes, a personal credit card holder at Sacombank is permited to apply a corporate credit card. Sacombank opens a credit limit to enterprise, which can then be authorized to any employee.

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