Sacombank commits to pay the value of the imported L/C when the beneficiary presents a valid set of documentation with the L/C and international practices.

Outstanding features


Recieve L/C within 8 working hours


Import payment financial support


Issue L/C online


  • Free consultation on L/C terms upon Customer's request.
  • Quick procedures with the most reasonable cost.
  • Import financed by banks.
 Financing import L/C from Sacombank helps corporates have a quick source of revenue.

Financing import L/C from Sacombank helps corporates have a quick source of revenue.


  • Flexible security measures.
  • Varity types of L/C: L/C at sight, deferred, transferable, back to back, etc.
  • Diversity of foreign currencies.


  • Request for Letter L/C issuance according to Sacombank's form.
  • Sales contract.
  • Transaction methods:

At the counter: Please contact the nearest transaction office here

Online: Please register an account here.



When we want to issue L/C at Sacombank, what documents do we need to provide?

Customer please provide the following documents:

  • In case Customer is a new customer: legal documents, financial statements, L/C issuance documents.
  • In case Customer has been granted credit by Sacombank: L/C issuance documents including: Application for opening L/C according to the bank's form, Sale contract.

What costs do we have to pay for this service?

Customer please refer to the service fee here.


When issuing L/C, do we need additional security measures?

Depending on each Customer, Sacombank will announce the security ratio when issuing L/C, security measures such as money deposit, deposit balance, real estate mortgage, etc.

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