Import collection of Sacombank meets the needs for international payment using collection as the payment method.

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Accurate document processing within 8 working hours


Payment procedure


Import payment


  • Free consultation on import and export operations.
  • Prioritizing import financing.
  • Modern online transactions.
Import collection of Sacombank, corporate's payment progress is ensured.

Import collection of Sacombank, corporate's payment progress is ensured.


  • Sacombank receives and informs the set of documents of collection to the Customer (The importer) and makes payment according to the instructions of the collecting bank.
  • Types of collection:

D/P - Documents against Payment: Customer pay immediately when receive the import documents from Sacombank to receive the goods.

D/A - Documents against Acceptance: Customer accepts payment of set of documents/time draft and receives set of documents to pick up goods. Customer will make payment on due date.


  • Customer supplies the exporterthe name and address of Sacombank.
  • Sale contract shows collection as the payment method.
  • Transaction methods

At the counter: Please contact the nearest transaction office here

Online: Please register an account here.



What costs do we have to pay for this service?

Customer please refer to the service fee here.


Can we buy foreign currency to pay for the import collection documents?

Sacombank provides the service of selling foreign currency at a competitive rate to pay for sets of document of import collection.


What documents do we have to provide when we come to receive the set of documents from the bank?

Customer please provide:

  • Original Notice of collection documents.
  • Copy of commercial contract.
  • Foreign currency purchase records (if any).
  • Loan documents (if any).

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