Sacombank implements biometric authentication for online transactions


To enhance account security for customers and comply with Decision 2345/QĐ-NHNN (QĐ 2345) from the State Bank, Sacombank will add biometric (facial) authentication for certain online transactions starting 01/07/2024.

Therefore, Sacombank customers need to register or update their biometric data from their chip-embedded Citizen Identity Card (ID Card) through Sacombank Pay to ensure smooth and safe transactions. If customers have not completed this, Sacombank Pay will prompt them to do so when transactions exceeding the prescribed thresholds occur.

1. Which transactions require biometric authentication?

At Sacombank, money transfers exceeding VND 10 million per transaction or a cumulative total exceeding 20 million VND per day will require additional biometric authentication.

2. Conditions for biometric registration:

- Chip-embedded ID Card

- A phone that supports chip reading (NFC communication).

*How to check NFC feature on your phone, details here.

- Install or update Sacombank Pay to version 2.3.8.

3. Steps to follow:

To register or update biometric data, customers should follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to Sacombank Pay, select Personal Information.
  • Step 2:

+ Take a photo of the front of the ID Card and scan the chip information.

Tips for reading ID Card chips on iOS and Android.

+ Take a photo of the back of the ID Card and register the face as instructed.

  • Step 3: Click Confirm to complete the process.

Detailed instructions can be viewed here:

4. Instructions for performing biometric authentication on Sacombank Pay:

  • Step 1: Select Transfer Money, enter transaction details and click "Confirm".
  • Step 2: Authenticate for the first time using biometris.
  • Step 3: Authenticate for the second time using Smart OTP/mSign/SMS OTP to complete the transaction.


- Customers should only update biometric data through the Sacombank Pay app.

- To prevent fraud and impersonation, please DO NOT update biometric data through any website or other apps.

- Sacombank will never ask customers to provide OTP, passwords, card numbers, security codes, etc., over the phone or via links.

For more information, customers can contact Sacombank branches/transaction offices nationwide or the 24/7 Customer Support Hotline: 1800 5858 88.