Sacombank was named among the most innovative and efficient banks


Sacombank has recently been honored in the VIE10 – Most Innovative Banks Vietnam 2024 and the Top 100 Product of the Year 2024. These awards were evaluated and selected by Vietnam Investment Review in collaboration with Viet Research.

Mr. Tran Anh Viet, Director of the Hanoi Region, received the award on behalf of Sacombank from the organizers.

These awards once again affirm Sacombank's reasonable investment in research and development, the application of science and technology to improve the quality of products, services, and business operations. They also demonstrate the Bank's efforts and achievements in innovation and creativity, creating a competitive advantage and maximizing value for customers, investors, and society.

Among these, the Top 100 Product of the Year 2024 award was given to Sacombank's new-generation digital banking website. Launched in 2023, the website is designed based on customer journey and experience. In addition to providing information, the website integrates calculation tools for insurance products, deposits, loans, and installment payments. It also has features for user behavior analysis and personalization, along with an AI-powered chatbot to provide 24/7 online consultation support for customers.

Image of the award trophy.

Thanks to its early orientation, Sacombank's digital transformation activities have been built from the ground up and have been a focal point in recent years to develop a comprehensive digital bank, bringing superior experiences to customers while increasing employee productivity and operational efficiency. Therefore, even during the restructuring process, Sacombank has allocated funds and personnel to systematically implement digital transformation projects across the entire system. This digital mindset and solid technological foundation have become the premise for Sacombank to develop a multi-utility digital banking ecosystem with superior experiences.