"An Tam Hanh Phuc" life insurance package is an optimal financial solution designed specifically for protecting customers and their family, against life uncertainties.This accumulation option allows customers to plan their family's financial plans for sustainable happiness.

Outstanding features

Comprehensive Protection

Up to 100 years old

Bonding Rewards

For maintaining the contract

Accumulative Guarantee

On investment interest rate

About insurance package


  • Comprehensive protection against all future risk.
  • Safe and effective investment.
Insurance package "An Tam Hanh Phuc", protecting customers against all risks.

Insurance package "An Tam Hanh Phuc", protecting customers against all risks.

  • Attractive bonus for loyalty and contract maintaining
  • Clear and transparent financial reports.
  • Proactive planning and flexibility in face of changes.


Insurance amount:

  • Minimum: VND 200 million.
  • Maximum: according to customer’s financial needs (children under 16 years old: maximum VND 4 billion).

Contract term: from 11 to 100 years.

Payment term: quarterly, semiannual, yearly.

Insurance benefits:

Protection benefits:

  • Total and Permanent Disability or Death.
  • Death due to accidents for the insured person's companion.

Investment and savings benefits:

  • Maturity payout of 100% of the contract account value with many attractive bonuses when maintaining the contract.

For more details, please refer to the Insurance Benefits here.

Conditions & Procedure


Conditions and procedures to join the life insurance package "An tam hanh phuc"

Eligibility: For the insured customer:

  • Age of insured: from 30 days old to 65 years old.
  • Maximum age at the end of the insurance policy: 100 years old.

Participation Procedures:

  • Fill out the insurance application form.
  • Supplement required personal documents.
  • Medical examination (if requested).


  • Dai-ichi Life



Who can join "An tam hanh phuc"?

The insured persons between the age of 30 days old to 65 years old and in the occupational group 1,2,3 or 4 can participate in this product.


How is the participating insurance amount regulated?

With insurance policy of VND 200 million or more, customers can join "An tam hanh phuc". Customers can choose the insurance policy that suits their financial needs. For insured persons under 16 years old, the maximum sum insured amount is VND 4 billion for each insured.


Is the insurance period required to end at the age of 100?

Customers can choose the term of protection according to their needs from 11 years to the maximum end age of 100 years.


Is the product payment period equal to the insurance period?

The payment term is equal to the Insurance Term. After paying in full and on time the Basic Insurance Fee in the first 04 years of the contract, the contract can pay flexibly as long as the value of the Contract Account after deducting Debts is greater than 0.

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