Travel insurance fully protects the customers' trip against any unexpected incidents on a global scale with optimal health insurance benefits.

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  • Competitive premium rates.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Insurance during the trip and after returning to Vietnam.
  • 24/7 medical assistance and emergency medical transportation through the hotline of the International Emergency Organization ISOS (Vietnam).
International travel insurance offers comprehensive protection against any unexpected incidents.

International travel insurance offers comprehensive protection against any unexpected incidents.

  • Insurance for trip cancellation, trip delay, and lost luggage.
  • Insurance for cases of loss or damage due to theft, robbery, or natural disasters.
  • Unlimited number of trips when participating in the annual insurance package.
  • Quick and simple compensation request with just one toll-free call to the 24/7 customer service center.
Optimal insurance benefits for a trip full of fun.

Optimal insurance benefits for a trip full of fun.


Insurance coverage:

  • Global.

Type of insurance policy involved:

  • Contract of travel insurance by trip: the length of each trip must not exceed 186 days.
  • Annual travel insurance policy: unlimited number of trips within 1 year insurance period, in which the length of each trip cannot exceed 90 days.

Insurance period:

  • Equal to the duration of the trip..

Insurance benefits:

  • Medical expenses and emergency assistance: the maximum payment is up to VND 3.6 billion.
  • Personal accident: the maximum payout is up to VND 3 billion.
  • Medical transportation: the level of payment according to the actual costs incurred.
  • Liability to third parties: maximum payment up to VND 2 billion.
  • Insurance for unexpected incidents: to pay expenses incurred due to unexpected incidents.
  • Trip is canceled/postponed, shortened, interrupted, or delayed.
  • Missed connecting flights.
  • Overbooked flights.
  • Late arrival of luggage.
  • Emergency purchases. 
  • 24/7 trip assistance (consultation, arrangement).

Insurance for loss or damage:

  • Loss of personal money due to theft or natural disaster.

Lost travel documents:

  • Loss or damage to baggage and personal property.
  • Insurance for the normal level of the rental vehicle.
  • Travel agency is closed.
  • Home protection.

Expand insurance benefits:

  • Support costs in case the aircraft is hijacked.
  • Automatic renewal of insurance period in case of trip/flight is delayed.
  • Payment of expenses incurred in case of hotel services at the destination is interrupted or canceled.

Conditions and procedures for participation:


  • Age of the insured person is from 6 weeks old to 75 years old.
  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens and residents in Vietnam.

Documents required:

  • Fill out the travel insurance request form.
  • A copy of the passport.



Why is travel insurance necessary for me?

Travel insurance is necessary because it protects you from the risks you may encounter during your trip, such as illness, accidents, loss of personal property, or trip cancellation. Travel insurance also provides emergency assistance services and helps you resolve other issues that may arise during your travels.


When traveling and having an accident abroad, what do I need to prepare for insurance?

To be insured when traveling abroad, you need to purchase a travel insurance policy that suits your needs. Before you go, you should carefully read the terms, regulations, and insurance benefits of the policy. Additionally, you should also prepare a copy of important documents such as your passport, credit cards, vehicle registration (if driving), and emergency contact information.


In case my accompanying person does not register for insurance, can I use the same insurance benefits for that person?

If your traveling companion does not register for insurance, they will not be able to use the insurance benefits provided by your insurance policy. However, depending on the specific insurance policy, the benefits may be extended to include your accompanying person if they are affected by the risks covered by the insurance policy. You should carefully read the terms of the insurance policy to know exactly the coverage and benefits that apply to you.


  • Liberty Insurer, Bao Long Insurer.

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