K-Care Cancer insurance

Gói bảo hiểm ung thư K-Care
Gói bảo hiểm ung thư K-Care
K-Care Cancer insurance
K-Care Cancer insurance package is the comprehensive protection solution for up to 25 years, helping customer choose the best treatments options for their health without worrying about financial burden.

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About insurance package


  • Understand the importance of health for each individual and family. K-Care Cancer insurance was launched with the mission of strengthening financial capacity and providing a comprehensive protection solution for customers for up to 25 years.
K-Care cancer insurance package offers comprehensive protection for families.

K-Care cancer insurance package offers comprehensive protection for families.

  • Simple and fast appraisal process.
  • Insurance premium is unchanged and partial refunded when there is no compensation is available.
  • Acceptance of diagnostic results/hospital allowance worldwide.
  • Easily register via Sacombank Pay application: click here.


Cancer protection benefits:

  • Waiver of premium and additional payment of up to 200% of the sum insured, specifically:
  • Mild case: 50% of sum insured + waiver of premium.
  • Severe case: 100% of sum insured + waiver of premium.
  • Critical case: an additional 50% of the sum insured.


Additional support benefits:

  • Hospitalization allowance up to 72% of the sum insured.
  • Death compensation 20% of the sum insured or total premium paid.
  • Bonus 50% of the total premium paid if you do not receive insurance benefits during the participation period at the end of the contract.


Additional benefits when joining the premium package:

  • 20% of the value of insurance benefits paid and support for treatment fees.
  • 20% of the sum insured if still alive after 2 years of serious cancer diagnosis and support for health recovery.


Conditions and procedures for participation:

  • Insured persons aged 18-60.
  • Policy term: 10 25 years old
  • Premium payment term: equal to Policy term
  • Maximum maturity age: 70 years old.

Register Sacombank Pay:

  • Step 1: Visit Sacombank Pay homepage.
  • Step 2: Select "Transactions".
  • Step 3: Select "Shopping".
  • Step 4: Select "K-Care".


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What is the Insurance product to support the treatment of Cancer?

Cancer Treatment Support Insurance is an insurance product that gives customers complete keep your mind on against the increasing risk of Cancer in life. As a financial solution to help customers reduce their worries about the cost of cancer treatment, Cancer Treatment Support Insurance is definitely the optimal choice to support customers and their loved ones overcome the difficult period when unfortunately suffering from cancer.


Why should you join Cancer Treatment Support Insurance?

As the incidence of Cancer increases in life, a plan to prevent and win against Cancer is essential.

Cancer Treatment Support Insurance products protect customers against all stages of different diseases

Product highlights:

• Protection against Cancer at various stages, from Mild to Severe

• Increased protection for specific cancers

• Subsidizing the cost of hospital stay for cancer treatment

• Bonus for a cancer-free, healthy life at the Contract Maturity Date

• Death benefit receives 20% of the sum insured


At what age will customers be able to participate in the Cancer Treatment Support Insurance product?

Support products for cancer treatment for all customers from 18 to 60 years old

Age when participating will be calculated according to the age of the last birthday period. The maximum age at the end of the contract is 70 years.


Term of contract and term of premium payment of Cancer Treatment Support Insurance?

The contract term of Cancer Support BH is from 10 years to 25 years. The premium payment term will be same to the Contract Term.

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