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What is a payment card? What are the benefits of Sacombank payment cards?

A Payment card is a payment method that allows the cardholder to conduct card transactions within the amount on the cardholder's current deposit account at Sacombank.

Benefits of Sacombank payment cards:

  • Payment/withdrawal of money at home and abroad;
  • Safe and secure payment via the Internet;
  • Up to 50% off dining, shopping, travel..., see here for details
  • Flexible account management anytime, anywhere
What is an integrated card? What are the benefits of Sacombank integrated cards?

An Integrated card is one that integrates the features and advantages of 2 credit cards and payment cards on the same card.

Benefits of Sacombank integrated card:

  • Cardholders can both use money from the credit limit granted by Sacombank (for Credit Card) and use cash in the payment account opened at Sacombank (associated with the Payment Card) for domestic transactions (for Credit Cards). for domestic cards) and globally (for international cards) and freely choose the type of card account you want to use at the time of payment or cash withdrawal via POS/ATM; • Interest free up to 55 days; • Safe and secure payment via the Internet;
  • Installment with 0% interest rate when shopping/withdrawing money;
  • Accumulate redeeming points when shopping;
  • Up to 50% off dining, shopping, travel..., see here for details
  • Flexible account management anytime, anywhere;
What is a credit card? What are the benefits of Sacombank credit cards?

A Credit card is an alternative payment method to cash, allowing customers to use the money advanced by the bank in the card to transact and pay back to the bank the transaction amount at the end of the statement period.

Sacombank credit card utilities include:

  • Spend with unlimited credit lines
  • Interest free up to 55 days
  • Global payments/withdrawals
  • Safe and secure payment via Internet
  • Installment with 0% interest when shopping/withdrawing
  • Accumulate redemption points when shopping
  • Up to 50% off dining, shopping, travel, etc...

See here for details 

What do I do when Sacombank card is lost or stolen?

You need to:

  • Lock card on Sacombank Pay app (select Manage card and account > Customize card/account) or
  • Send SMS to number 8149 with the syntax THE KHOA <last 4 digits of card number> to lock the card and/or
  • Immediately contact Hotline 24x7 at 1800 5858 88 or (+84-28) 3526 6060 (calling from abroad) or the nearest branch/transaction office for support.
What do I do to continue using the card if the Sacombank card is about to expire?

Please contact Hotline 1800 5858 88 or 028.3526 6060 or email ask@sacombank.com to receive card renewal request or go directly to Sacombank branch/transaction office for card renewal. 02 months before the card expires, Sacombank will send a message to let the cardholder know.

What is a prepaid card? What are the benefits of Sacombank prepaid cards?

A Prepaid card is a payment method in place of cash, you top up the card and use the card to transact on the deposited amount. Prepaid card is suitable for customers who do not have a bank account, need a card immediately and are afraid of complicated registration procedures.

Benefits of Sacombank prepaid card:

  • Global payment/withdrawal (withdrawal only applies to prepaid identity cards);
  • Safe and secure payment via the Internet;
  • Buy cards as gifts for relatives, friends, partners, customers...
  • You can choose your favorite image to design on the card (pictured card);
  • You can top up your identity prepaid card at Sacombank ATMs, via eBanking, at Sacombank branches/transaction offices;
  • Up to 50% off dining, shopping, travel…
  • Easy card registration at Sacombank branch/transaction office, via eBanking or contact Hotline 1800 5858 88.
How do I register for a Sacombank payment card?

You can:

  • Register online via Sacombank Pay app
  • Register online at https://card.sacombank.com.vn/
  • Register at Sacombank Branch/Transaction Office
What should be noted when using Sacombank credit card for payment?

You need to note the following things when using Sacombank credit cards for payment:

  1. Check the amount printed on the invoice (see if it matches the amount to be paid) before signing;
  2. Keep the purchase invoice and compare it with the monthly transaction notice board;
  3. Check the card when the clerk gives it back to avoid confusion with someone else's card;
  4. Refuse the unreasonable card swiping fee (maybe up to 3%) that some merchants in Vietnam currently require cardholders to pay and notify the bank installing the card machine in which;
  5. For online transactions: You should only transact at reputable websites (with the padlock symbol or the "s" after "http" in the website address such as: Paypal, Ebay...) and refer to it. Please carefully review the terms and conditions of the website before agreeing to pay.
How do I pay the Bank the amount spent via Sacombank credit card?

You can pay your Sacombank credit card balance in the following ways:

  1. Automatic payment (registered on the Card Opening Profile or at Sacombank Branches/Transaction Offices);
  2. Cash deposit/transfer at Sacombank branch/transaction office;
  3. Via Sacombank eBanking/Sacombank Pay (Select credit card payment);
  4. At Sacombank ATM: (i) Transfer money from payment card to credit card if having Sacombank payment card; or (ii) Cash deposit to credit card at Sacombank ATMs with cash deposit function
  5. Transfer from another bank account (via online bank/other banking app): (i) Select “Interbank money transfer”/”Out-of-system transfer”; (ii) Select “Beneficiary account number” as Sacombank account/credit card number (printed on the card).
  6. Contact Customer Service Center: 1800 5858 88
What is the maximum 55-day interest-free for Sacombank credit cards?

When using Sacombank credit cards for shopping transactions, customers are exempted from interest on the transaction amount for a maximum period of 55 days. The interest-free period includes 30 days of the credit card transaction notification cycle and an additional 25 days of the payment period.

For example: The closing date of the transaction notice is the 20th of every month and the payment deadline will be the 25th day after the closing date of the transaction notice. If the customer makes a purchase on June 21, this transaction will be shown on the transaction notice on July 20 and the payment due date is August 14. Thus, customers have been entitled to 55 interest-free credit days for this purchase (from June 21 to August 14). If the customer makes a purchase on June 30, the payment due date is still August 14 and then the interest-free period will be less than 55 days.

What is a transaction notification?

A transaction notification is a detailed notice of the cardholder's monthly transactions, sent by the bank to the main cardholder on the statement date, including expenditures, payment of goods and services, cash advances and other payment interests and fees. You can use this transaction bulletin board to manage your spending efficiently and pay your cards on time.

How do I sign up for a Sacombank credit card?

You can:

  • Register online via Sacombank Pay app
  • Register online at https://card.sacombank.com.vn/
  • Register at Sacombank Branch/Transaction Office
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    Câu hỏi thường gặp dịch vụ thẻ
    Is there a limit to the number of cards that an organization can register for corporate debit cards for employees?

    Unlimited number of debit cards open for employees.

    What is the corporate debit card validity period?

    5 years.

    Can the corporate debit card earn interest on demand deposit accounts?


    Can the corporate debit card be registered for a mutual account?


    What are the conditions for golf courses booking and luxury resort package at the FLC ecosystem?

    Conditions to earn a complimentary golf round and 3-day 2-night stay at FLC:

    • Customer holds a Sacombank FLC Infinite Credit Card
    • Customer must have at least 01 payment transaction of at least 1 million VND.
    • Golf round must be booked at least 72 hours in advance (cancel at least 24 hours in advance)
    • 3-day 2-night resort voucher must be booked at least 3 days in advance in low season (7 days in peak season), and customer must either book or use a golf round with Sacombank FLC card at FLC golf course system. 3-day 2-night resort package is available for 2 adults and 2 children of under 6 years old. Surcharge is applied for larger group of people or longer stay in accordance with the hotel's policy.

    To book for a golf round / 3-day 2-night resort package at FLC, please contact the customer hotline 1800 5858 23

    What is the refund policy for Bamboo Airways air tickets when customers purchase by the Sacombank FLC Visa Credit Card?

    50% refund (maximum VND 1 Million) for Bamboo Airways air tickets paid at the website/application of Bamboo Airways nationwide.

    • Applicable for Sacombank FLC Infinite cardholders
    • Each cardholder is entitled to a maximum of 1 refund/transaction in the first year of the credit card.
    Can an existing Sacombank FLC Visa cardholder still apply for another Sacombank credit card? What are the terms and limits?

    Yes. Customers fill in the card application form and additional legal documents as required. The limit is equal to the card limit or higher (corresponding documents are required in alignment with current policy)

    What is the credit limit of the Sacombank FLC Visa Credit Card?

    Credit limit:

    • For employees: Depending on level and income.
    • For customers: Depending on the card issuance policy, usually the limit will be granted up to 5 times the income. Actual granted limit are appraised by the bank based on the conditions, or based on the limit already granted at the branch/transaction office.
    What is the Sacombank FLC Visa Credit Card?

    This is a line of premium credit cards namely Sacombank, FLC and Visa, including 2 types:

    • Sacombank FLC Infinite Credit Card: apply for individual customers.
    • Sacombank FLC Platinum Corporate Credit Card: apply for corporate customers.

    The card marks the cooperation between Sacombank and FLC Group, starting from October 6, 2021 with the superior experiences: 100% cashback on first-year annual fee, golf & 5-star resort privileges across FLC ecosystem, class with Bamboo Airways and other preferences from FLC.

    Can a business owner who already possesses a Sacombank personal credit card apply for an additional corporate credit card?

    Yes, Sacombank grants credit line limit to enterprise, which can then be authorized to any employee of use.

    What is the maximum credit line for a corporate credit card at Sacombank?

    Up to VND 5 billion.

    Is collateral required during the corporate card registration?

    Sacombank has a policy to grant credit cards to businesses including collateral and non-collateral assets.

    Is there any risk of losing money with Sacombank Corporate Cards?

    Sacombank is currently applying the 3D-Secure multi-level protection system, thereby helping to increase security and absolute safety in online payments.

    What benefits can businesses receive by opening a business account with Sacombank?

    Offers for using Corporate Cards

    What are the outstanding features of Sacombank cards?

    Online business card spending management tool via Visa Business Reporting, Exemption of payment liability for transactions arising when employees use leave cards, etc.

    What is the procedure to open a Corporate card at Sacombank?

    Businesses register to open a card online here or contact 1800 5858 88.

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    Tổ chức kinh tế đủ điều kiện mở TKTT và đã có TKTT tại Sacombank.

    Doanh nghiệp có thể mở tối đa bao nhiêu thẻ tín dụng Doanh nghiệp cho CBNV?

    Không giới hạn số lượng thẻ tín dụng mở cho CBNV.

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