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    Can we look up any beneficiary account information at all banks on the program?

    No. You can only look up accounts at banks that are members of Swift Pre-validation.

    What are the differences between Indochina fast money transfer service and basic money transfer service?

    Indochina fast money transfer uses an internal money transfer channel between Sacombank in Vietnam and 2 Sub-banks in Cambodia and Laos, speeding up the process, without going through an intermediary bank.

    What types of guarantees can Sacombank issue?

    Sacombank provides the following guarantee products:

    • Payment guarantee.
    • Bid guarantee.
    • Performance guarantee.
    • Product quality guarantee/warranty guarantee.
    • Advance payment guarantee.
    • Loan guarantee.
    • Counter guarantee.
    • Guarantee confirmation.
    • Co-guarantee.
    • Backup L/C
    • Any other guarantees in accordance with statutory regulations and international practices.
    Which branch of Sacombank can Corporate go to to open a CNY account?

    Customer can go to any transaction point of Sacombank to request an account opening, these transaction points will receive documents and transfer to Sacombank's Border branch to open account for Customer in accordance with the regulations of the State Bank.

    Can we buy foreign currency to pay for the import collection documents?

    Sacombank provides the service of selling foreign currency at a competitive rate to pay for sets of document of import collection

    What costs do we have to pay for Collection service?

    Please refer to the service fee here.


    How do corporates who want to use the Global Transaction Tracking Program via Swift GPI do?
    • In case a customer already has a user/password to use the program ""Electronic invoice"" or ""loyalty customer"", customers continue to use it to log in by the following link
    • In case customers do not have users of the above programs, click the register button to register online, no need to go to transaction points.
    Can enterprises have multiple loans?

    Yes. Sacombank shall consider and provide Distributor a Credit Line to flexibly withdraw/pay the loan multiple times within a maximum term of 12 months to meet operational needs.

    Does Sacombank provide any product to finance the entire distribution channel of an enterprise?

    Yes, Distributor Finance Products can be applied to all distributors of an enterprise with more favorable and uniform preferential mechanisms than ordinary customers. Please contact the hotline or nearest. transaction point for advice.

    Where can the list of brands accepted by Sacombank be searched?

    Customers contact the 24/7 Hotline 1800 5858 88 or the nearest Sacombank transaction point for support.

    Can businesses loan capital numerous times?

    Yes. Sacombank will evaluate and grant credit lines to Distributors to flexibly receive/repay debts many times within a maximum period of 12 months to serve operational needs.

    Does Sacombank provide any products to finance the entire distribution channel of an Corporate?

    Yes, the distributor sponsorship product can be applied to all Distributors of an Corporate with more convenient and uniform incentives than regular Customers. Please contact the nearest hotline or transaction point for advice.

    Any restriction in recieving with Accounts or cash?

    Depends on the demands of Enterprises, Sacombank offers different forms of recieving services, such as payment accounts, payment cards and cash

    Which enterprise can register for Sacombank's accounts receivable management services?

    Enterprises with numerous, frequent amount of accounts payable that wish to automatize the Enterprise's accounts payable management.

    Can the Bank provide bankslip following the payment cycles to Customer?

    Sacombank will provide full bankslip following each reality arise.

    In case Sub accounts balance less than the minimum maintenance balance required, would the Bank be able to automatically transfer money from Master to Sub accounts?

    If the Customer registers, the Bank will automatically transfer money from the Master account to the Sub account so that the balance on the Sub account is always equal to the minimum maintenance balance which the customer registers with the Bank.

    Is balance maintenance in Sub accounts required? If it is then what is the minimum maintenance amount?

    Balance maintenance is required VND 1,000,000 in Sub accounts.

    Is there any limitation to the amount of Sub accounts?

    No limit

    What is the registration procedure of Cash Flow Management Service with Sacombank?

    To register the service, please contact Sacombank through Sacombank's network of transaction points or email tb@sacombank.com

    Does the organization need system connection technology in order to use the service?

    Depending on the service and the Corporate's request will determine whether a system connection is required or not. However, Corporate without system link, Sacombank can assist in building the system

    What is the Cash Flow Management Service?

    A banking service provided to assist Partners in managing receivables and payables in a more optimal way such as: automatic debit, closed process with high safety and security.

    What is the immediate payment fee, when does the customer pay?
    • This is the fee that the Customer will pay to the correspondent bank for paying immediately to the Seller.
    • This fee will be paid with the payment of the LC document value on the payment due date.
    What is the difference between the UPAS fee and the ordinary L/C, what fees are included?

    UPAS fee is different from ordinary L/C: there is an additional fee for immediate payment to the correspondent bank, a fee for accepting UPAS payment (replacing fee for accepting payment of deferred L/C) collected by Sacombank, fees other similar to ordinary L/C.

    What should an economic contract show to be able to issue an LC?

    The contract shows ""Deferred payment of L/C allowing immediate payment""; Payment method: L/C or UPAS.

    • For example L/C 60 days after sight; Usance drafts may be negotiated on a sight basis; Irrespective of the tenor of the contract, payment is available on a sight basis…
    What information do we need to provide when looking up information?

    You need to provide: Swift code, beneficiary name and beneficiary account number.

    How do we need to register to use the service?

    You can register and use this service online here.

    What is UETR code?
    • A unique code sequence of each transaction used throughout the Banks in the chain, used as a common reference number for transaction identifiers, whereby transactions can be easily looked up through this code.
    • Location of UETR code: 36-character code sequence in field 121, message header MT103


    What are the advantages of Swift GPI for corporate as the remitters?
    • Free transaction status tracking tool is provided.
    • Actively tracking oline 24/7.
    • Actively print and download wire transfers as soon as Sacombank completes the transaction.
    What benefits does Swift GPI bring to corporates as beneficiaries?
    • There is a tool to verify that the partner has transferred by checking the UETR code
    • Actively track online transaction status 24/7, thereby proactively programming financial plans.
    How to guarantee the documents sent for collection?

    In essence, export collection does not have a commitment to pay from the importer's bank, so if you want to guarantee payment after delivery and have a set of documents, you can choose export LC service to better suit your needs.

    When we choose Sacombank as the collecting bank, what are the benefits?

    When choosing Sacombank as the collecting bank, you are free to consult and check documents. In addition, Sacombank discount bills of exchange and collection documents with a high discount rate.

    After receiving the LC notice from Sacombank, can we present the set of documents at another bank?

    Customer can present it at another bank, however, Sacombank clearly knows the LC information and advises important points on the LC, so when Customer presents it at Sacombank, Customer will continue to receive free advice on making a set of documents.

    In order for Sacombank to be the Bank notifying us of the LC, what do we need to do?

    Customer please provide Sacombank's information to the Buyer so that the LC issuing Bank can transfer the issued LC to Sacombank. Information includes:

    • SWIFT code: SGTTVNVX
    What is the maximum amount we can receive from international payment?

    Sacombank does not stimulate the amount to be credited to Customer's account at the Bank.

    How much is the service fee at Sacombank for this service?

    Please refer to the service fee here.

    What are the outstanding features of receiving overseas funds service at Sacombank?

    Beside providing customers with this service, Sacombank also provides the free online lookup tool to check the status of transaction via Swift GPI, helping customers to actively track the incoming money.

    When issuing LC, do we need additional security interests?

    Depending on each Customer, Sacombank will announce the security ratio when issuing LC, common security measures: money deposit, deposit balance, real estate mortgage...

    What costs do we have to pay for this service?

    Customer please refer to the service fee here.


    When we want to issue LC at Sacombank, what documents do we need to provide?

    Customer please provide the following documents

    • In case Customer is a new customer: legal documents, financial records, LC issuance documents
    • In case Customer has been granted credit by Sacombank: LC issuance documents including: Request for IC issuance according to the bank's form, commercial contract.
    What documents do we have to provide when we come to receive the set of documents from the Bank?

    Customer please provide:

    • Original Notice of collection documents
    • Copy of commercial contract
    • Foreign currency purchase records (if any)
    • Loan documents (if any)
    What costs do we have to pay for this service?

    Customer please refer to the service fee here.


    Can Corperate buy CNY to pay for goods going to China?

    Sacombank provides the service of selling CNY for Vietnam - China trade payment transactions in accordance with the regulations of the State Bank, Customer provides documents proving the appropriate payment purpose.

    How can this service transfer money within 30 minutes?

    With the advantage of developing branches in Laos and Cambodia, Sacombank uses an internal system to transfer money directly, without going through an intermediary bank, leading to shorten time of money transfer/statement to Customer.

    Does Sacombank provide an overseas funds transfer service before the importer receives the goods?

    Sacombank provides prepayment service for goods that meets your prepayment needs, you will provide documents related to the import of goods after receiving the goods.

    What is the maximum amount of money allowed in outward remittance?

    Sacombank will make your payment orders with the maximum amount of money in accordance with the documents/records you have provided.

    Does Sacombank accept cashews as collateral?

    Sacombank accepts goods as collateral, including raw cashews

    How long is the maximum loan term of the product?

    The maximum duration at Sacombank is 6 months.

    Can we pay in advance for this product?

    You can fully pay in advance for this product

    Which business is suitable for this product?

    Exporting enterprises earning foreign currency revenue

    Can we discount the export LC documents before presenting documents at Sacombank?

    The suitable product for this demand is Export LC Funding, Sacombank will not provide capital for customers through discount

    What are the accepted discount currencies?
    • Bills paid in Vietnam dong: Discount in VND.
    • Bills paid in foreign currencies: Discounts in foreign currencies in case you are allowed to use foreign currencies in the territory of Vietnam or VND for the remaining cases
    What are the common documents in an export LC?

    The specific documents in the export LC depend on the agreement between you and the buyer. Normal export documents include B/L, invoice, Packing List, etc.

    After receiving LC export financing from Sacombank and when in possession of the LC documents for export, which bank should we report to?

    Sacombank will receive the export documents from you, check and advise you to revise and finalize the documents if necessary

    What is the maximum financing ratio for this product?

    Depending on each client's background check, Sacombank will make the maximum financing rate based on the LC value known to the client. A common rate is 70%.

    Do we have the right to pay in advance for this product?

    You can fully pay in advance for this product, whereby the payment for this export LC will be reported to you when the importer payment is completed.

    Where can we see business international payment service fees?

    Please refer to the information here.


    How much is the domestic LC issuance fee?

    Sacombank charges domestic LC similar to imported LC, including the following basic fees: Issuing fee, payment fee, and payment acceptance fee... Please refer to the fee schedule.

    Can we request for domestic LC issuance on Internet banking?

    You can request domestic LC issuance on Internet Banking here.

    What is the release profile of LC issuance?

    Please provide the following documents:

    • Legal and financial documents (applicable to new customers).
    • Sale contracts with the content of the payment method is LC
    • Request for LC issuance form according to Sacombank form.
    When requesting a domestic LC issuance, does the corporate need a deposit or collateral, what is the rate?

    A guarantee rate of less than 100% is accepted, depending on the credit appraisal and mode of transportation of goods.

    What is outstanding about Sacombank's domestic LC?
    • Wide network system, convenient for transactions.
    • Elite, professional team of experts, handle quickly and accurately.
    • Accept the guaranteed rate when issuing LC < 100% of LC value.
    • Language flexibility: Sacombank may issue LC in Vietnamese and English upon your request.
    Types of import and export tax guarantee?
    • Private guarantee: Sacombank commits a guarantee to fulfill the obligation to pay tax amount for 01 (one) customs declaration (CD).
    • General guarantee: Sacombank commits a guarantee fulfills the obligation to pay tax for 02 (two) or more customs declarations at one or more Customs Sub-Departments within a certain period of time.
    What kind of goods are guaranteed?
    • Goods are allowed to be temporarily imported for re-export according to the provisions of law.
    • Goods are allowed to be exported/imported according to the provisions of the law.
    What taxes are guaranteed?

    Guarantee for the obligation to pay import/export tax, excise tax, value-added tax, and other taxes related to goods import and export activities.

    Does Sacombank provide a guarantee for transactions involving foreign elements?

    Sacombank issues guarantees for non-resident organizations. The letter of guarantee is presented either in English or bilingual English - Vietnamese and the currency on the letter of guarantee is either in VND or in a foreign currency which Sacombank accepts for transactions.

    What are the outstanding features of Sacombank's Guarantee products?

    Sacombank issues Guarantees with:

    • Low call margin.
    • Monetary Guarantee thereafter.
    • Flexible guarantee period that expires according to the event.
    • Execution of contract when there is no contract.
    • High rate of guarantee/collateral issuance. Flexible advance payment.
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