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How do I register to use mSign?

You can follow the instructions below:

  1. Step 1: Compose SMS to 8149 (*) according to the syntax MSIGN_DANGKY_[Username]_[ID]
  2. Step 2: Download and install the application.
  3. Step 3: Activate the application according to the instructions here.   


  • "_": is the space used in the message body
  • [Username] and [ID]: Please enter the correct information registered with the bank
  • (*): Messages must be sent from the phone number registered with the Bank
What should I do if I want to identify Sacombank Pay?

Please follow the instructions here.

What conditions do I need to use Mobile Banking service?
  • Customers who have registered for Internet Banking can download the Sacombank mBanking application on the Apps Store/Google Play and log in with the registered account.
  • To register for Internet Banking service, you just need to bring your ID/Passport (original) to any transaction point of Sacombank.
What conditions do I need to use Internet Banking service?
  • You need a payment account at Sacombank and an internet-connected device to log in to the website https://www.isacombank.com.vn.
  • To register for the service, you only need to bring your ID/Passport (original) to any transaction point of Sacombank.
I want to enable/disable Fingerprint/Face ID login, what should I do?
  • You enable Fingerprint/Face ID  by:

Sign in mSign > Select menu > select Activate fingerprint login/Face ID > Enter current login password > Select Agree ( ✓) set up more Fingerprints/ Face ID > Confirm Fingerprints/ Face ID .
Note: Fingerprint/Face ID has been registered on the mobile device.

  • To turn off Fingerprint/Face ID you do:

Sign in mSign > Select menu > select Disable Fingerprint/Face ID login mode > System sends confirmation message > Select Agree ( ✓ ).

What are the signs of Sacombank's Internet Banking website?

Official Internet Banking website of Sacombank:

I reactivated mSign but got the error message “Account is already registered on this app. Please contact 1800 5858 88 for more details” what should I do?

To activate mSign, you can follow the instructions below:

  • mSign with only one account:
  1. Go to Menu > Select Reset application
  2. Log in to Mobile Banking or Internet Banking to activate.
  • mSign with multiple accounts:
  1. Select the account to be reactivated > Go to the Menu > Select Delete account (Delete profile)
  2. Log in to Mobile Banking or Internet Banking to activate.
I have opened a loan account on Sacombank Pay, can I apply for another loan on the app?

Customers can register up to 5 loan accounts on Sacombank Pay. If you pay off the loan before, you can apply for a new loan on Sacombank Pay. Customers are only allowed to take out consumer loans many times under the condition that they own an active personal credit card, not multiple consumer loans under the condition that customers have a term deposit balance.

When mSign is activated, the system says “The QR code is invalid or expired”, what should I do?

You can re-login to Mobile Banking or Internet Banking and go through the activation process again. In case the error is still reported as above, please check some of the following information:

  • Has the activation code (8 digits) sent by Sacombank to the phone number been entered correctly?
  • Has the date and time installed on the device downloading the mSign application been adjusted to the current date and time? Should choose Auto mode for the Device's Date and Time, Time Zone.
When I activated mSign I clicked "deny" mSign to access the Camera, now how can I scan the QR code?

You can set it up on your phone by selecting: Settings > Privacy > Camera > Select Sacombank mSign

Does the mSign app have any device requirements?

You cannot use the mSign application on jailbroken mobile devices (jailbreak, root). The application supports the operating system iOS 10 and Android 7 and above. However, it is necessary to upgrade the phone operating system to the latest version to complete features.

Can I pay the minimum amount? Is it possible to pay less or more than the requested amount?

You need to pay the correct amount displayed on the loan payment screen to avoid overdue debt. You can pay more, but must not pay less than the minimum amount required.

When I forgot my mPass, can I create a new mPass again?

When you forgot your Sacombank Pay login password, you can use the Forgot mPass to retrieve your password.

  • At the login screen select Forgot mPass
  • Enter Sacombank Pay phone number and email
  • Check your email, select Confirm to receive the OTP sent to your phone number
  • Enter OTP in Sacombank Pay and enter new mPass
  • The system notices that mPass has been changed -> Select Verify now and follow the instructions to identify and use the service.
How is interest calculated for loans on Sacombank Pay? How do I need to pay to avoid overdue debt?
  • Interest calculation method of loans is according to the method of monthly installments on the initial disbursed loan balance.
  • Customers will pay the principal and interest in full each month and pay before or on the 20th of each month.
My phone already uses Sacombank Pay, can I register another Sacombank Pay account with a new phone number?

For the safety of customers, 1 mobile device is only allowed to use 1 phone number associated with 1 Sacombank Pay account at the same time. Therefore, you can choose 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Register a new account on a new device that has never used Sacombank Pay; or
  2. On an old phone that already has a Sacombank Pay account: select Settings -> Phone information -> Reset -> Factory reset -> Then reinstall Sacombank Pay
When withdrawing cash by scanning a QR code at an ATM, what is the code I need to enter?
  • For money from Sacombank Pay account, you enter mPass password on ATM screen to authenticate.
  • For money from the card, you enter the card's PIN or mPass code to authenticate.
Which accounts can I transfer money from Sacombank Pay to?

When selecting Transfer function, you can transfer money to:

  • Sacombank Pay phone number (Go to Sacombank Pay application)
  • To those who do not have Sacombank Pay application (the system will automatically send SMS to the recipient)
  • Go to Sacombank accounts/cards and other banks
  • To other banks' Visa/Mastercard.

Note: the source of money transfer only applies to Sacombank Pay account, current account or Sacombank domestic card

In case the Sacombank Pay account has not been verified, the recipient will receive a notice of receipt of money and need to verify the Sacombank Pay account within 03 days to receive the money. Otherwise the transferred amount will be refunded to the sender.

When I change to a new mobile device, what do I need to do to continue using Sacombank Pay?
  • After changing mobile device, you log in Sacombank Pay with the correct phone number and mPass
  • Verify information in 1 of 2 ways: via email or SMS.
  • The system displays a message that the account is logged in on another device -> Select Authenticate now
  • You re-authenticate your Sacombank Pay account by linking your card or with your personal information.
How can I top up my Sacombank Pay account?

You can top up your Sacombank Pay account by the following ways:

  • Go to any Sacombank branch.
  • Top up directly with the linked Sacombank card/account.
  • Top up directly with other bank cards (payment, prepaid domestic/international identity).
  • Transfer money from other banks via Account number/Card number of Sacombank Pay account, select Sacombank bank and branch is Sacombank's Head Office (You can see the account number/card number of Sacombank Pay account at card and account management screen).

(Note: Sacombank Pay accounts that have not been authenticated can only have a maximum balance of 5 million VND).

How do I check my Sacombank Pay account balance?

After logging into Sacombank Pay, you can do it in 2 ways:

  1. Quick check: At the home page banner → Swipe down from the center of the screen and hold to see the Sacombank Pay account balance; or,
  2. Select Manage cards and accounts → Select view balance.
How to register for Sacombank Pay? Does the app have any device requirements?
  • You register Sacombank Pay with your active mobile phone number, full name, date of birth. The system will send an OTP verification code to the registered phone number.
  • The application supports iOS 11.0 and Android 6.0 and above operating systems. However, it is necessary to upgrade the phone operating system to the latest version to complete features.
After making a successful transaction, I want to check the transaction information, where can I view it on mBanking?

Please follow the instructions as below:

  • Step 1: Homepage → Transactions → Transaction management → Transaction Status 
  • Step 2: At the transaction screen, you can check the transfer and payment transactions that have been made.
  • Step 3: Click directly on the transaction to be checked for details (or Adjust/Stop for Schedule transactions)
How to login to Sacombank mBanking application with fingerprint or Face ID?

For supported mobile phones with fingerprint or Face ID login, you can use to log in to Sacombank mBanking application by following these steps:

  • Sign in to the app with a password.
  • If it is the first time to log in, the application will ask if you want to log in with Fingerprint/Face ID? and select Agree.
  • If it is not the first time you log in, go to Settings -> Biometric Security -> turn on Biometric Login and the application will ask if you want to log in with fingerprint/Face ID? and select Agree.
  • The app will ask for Fingerprint or Face ID confirmation
  • After successful confirmation, the application will notify Fingerprint/Face ID login has been successfully enabled.

Note: Fingerprint/Face ID login can only be enabled for 1 username on 1 phone.

How to login Sacombank mBanking application?

Login information (username and login password) on mBanking is also Internet Banking's. In addition, the application also supports login with fingerprint/Face ID (for supported mobile phones).

Does Sacombank mBanking application have any device requirements?

Sacombank mBanking application is compatible with iPhone and Android phones that meet the following conditions:

  • iPhone: iOS operating system with version 11.0 or higher
  • Android: Android operating system with version 6.0 or higher
Can I change my Internet Banking/Mobile Banking login username?

You can change your username only once. On Internet Banking, you in turn choose: General → Profile → Update username → Enter new username and OTP to complete.
(Username after successful change will be applied to both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking).

In case I have made a successful transfer and discovered that I have transferred to the wrong account, what should I do to get my money back?
  • After verifying the transaction, the transfer transactions have been completed, the beneficiary has also received the money. In case you discover that you have transferred to the wrong account, Sacombank will assist you in contacting the beneficiary to negotiate the transfer of the wrong account.
  • To ensure the correct transaction, when making a transfer, you need to carefully check the beneficiary's information (amount, account number, recipient's name, receiving bank...) before entering OTP/approve transactions.
How should Internet Banking password be set?
  • Password contain uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.
  • Password should be at least 6 characters long and up to 20 characters long.
  • Avoid setting easy-to-guess password such as your name, phone number, birthday... and other personal information.
How can I do if my online transaction is secure?

You can follow Sacombank's recommendations on online security stated in the Terms and Conditions of Use of eBanking:

  • Self-preserve login information (username, password), should not disclose information to others.
  • Change your password regularly according to recommendations on how to set a secure password.
  • After making a transaction, you should exit the website by pressing the Log Out button on the screen.
  • Do not perform the function of automatically saving login information, do not write down the password on paper.
  • Always type the correct address https://www.isacombank.com.vn into the address bar of your browser. Check the website's certificate and padlock icon on your browser window.
What should I do if I entered the wrong login information multiple times and my username is locked?

For your safety, you need to go to Sacombank's transaction points to be provided with your username and password.

When I forgot my Internet Banking/Mobile Banking password, what should I do to recover my password?

You can select the Forgot Password function at the login screen and follow the instructions:

  • At the User Details screen: Enter your Username and ID/Passport, then click Continue
  • Enter the One Transaction Password (from mSign, SMS or Token), then click Continue
  • At the Change Password screen: You create a new password according to the standard of setting a secure password.

(In case you forgot your username, you need to contact the nearest Sacombank branch for support)

What is “Image and Phrase” when logging in to Internet Banking?
  • This is the function that uses the Image and Phrase that you selected and entered in the first time activating the service and displayed for the next logins. These Image and Phrase are selected and entered by you, so only you yourself know.
  • Therefore, this function is an additional authentication method in addition to the existing signs, helping you to know that the website you are logging in is the official website providing Internet Banking services of Sacombank, avoiding accessing fake websites. 
After registering for Internet Banking, how will the Bank send me Username and Password?
  • Username: is the username chosen by you and filled out in the registration form with the bank.
  • When activating the service, a temporary password will be sent to the phone number that you have registered with the bank.

You follow the instructions on the system to set up a new password and use the service.

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    Câu hỏi thường gặp dịch vụ ngân hàng số
    How much does it cost to issue LC via Internet banking?

    Please view fee schedule here.

    What should we keep in mind for safely using Online Banking?

    Please refer to safety tips for online banking here.


    Using LC issuance via Internet Banking, do we have to supplement the original documents for the Bank?

    Customers do not need to add original documents when using LC issuance via Internet banking.

    We want to assign multiple personnel to control and approve transactions on Online Banking according to each type of transaction, is it possible?

    Yes, Online Banking flexibly meets the approval model according to business needs (from 1 level of creation and approval for businesses that meet the conditions to apply a simple accounting model to multi-level creation, control, approval for enterprises with large-scale organizational structure). In addition, Online Banking meets the decentralization for each employee who is only entitled to access, execute, and approve specific groups of transactions, for example, only the Human Resources Department can create and view the detailed salary list.

    How do we register if we want to pay salaries for employees via Online Banking?

    The function of salary payment, bulk payment (up to 5,000 beneficiaries inside and outside Sacombank's system at a time) is already intergrated when registering Online Banking with payment service package and can be done at the menu Transactions -> Upload Facilities -> Upload a file.

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