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Sacombank Pay App

Financial management app offers you a great experience


Dozens of features with thousands of offers, much easier to spend and manage your card/account

Consumer loan

  • Disburse within 5 mins
  • Up to 90% of credit card limit or loan amount rate according to savings book up to VND 200 million
  • Equal interest rate:

           - With credit card: 0,84%/month

           - With savings book: 0,65%/month

  • Flexible term up to 24 months
  • Interest calculation method: Contributing evenly
  • Prepayment fee: 3%* remaining principal balance
  • Easy loan management: View payment date, monthly payment amount, early settlement fee, remaining principal balance

Please see details:

Pay with reward points

Pay off credit card transactions with rewards points quickly

Open an online payment account

  • Free to choose nice account numbers
  • Instant Transactions
  • Conditions to apply: Individual customers successfully authenticate on Sacombank Pay and do not have a current account at Sacombank
  • Instructions for opening a payment account


NFC - Mobile Contactless Payment


Deposit/withdraw/transfer money by phone number/account number/card in just 30 seconds

QR payment

  • Scan QR code for simple, fast and secure payment at global QR payment acceptance points of international card organizations (except American Express) and QR of Napas and VNPAY. Especially:

          - In Korea (through the network of BC Card POS): Users create a QR code on Sacombank Pay, the BC Card POS scans the QR code to process payment.

          - In Thailand: Users make payment by opening Sacombank Pay (select the source of money from international or domestic Sacombank credit/debit cards) to scan the QR code at the store.

       List of stores that accept QR payments

  • Quick QR fund transfer via VietQR and QR codes on Sacombank Pay
  • Easy QR withdrawal cash at Sacombank ATMs nationwide

Actively manage cards and accounts

  • Activate/create/change PIN
  • Lock/unlock Sacombank card
  • Inquiry balance, statements, credit limit...

In case you want to lock/unlock the app:

  • Compose SMS with the following syntax: STBPAY KHOA or STBPAY MOKHOA to 8149 (fee: VND1,500); or
  • Call 1900 5555 88 | (+84) 28 3526 6060; or
  • Visit the nearest Sacombank Branch/Transaction office

And many other utilities

  • Bill payment (electricity, water, apartment, school fees, etc.)
  • Top up phone/buy scratch card 
  • Link and top up from debit cards, prepaid cards of all other banks
  • Jogging
  • Lucky money
  • Got It e-gifts/Urbox e-gifts
  • Register installments
  • Membership card management
  • Split bill, transfer money reminder, refer friends
  • Buy air tickets/train tickets/car tickets/hotel reservations/Liberty travel insurance/movie tickets; Buy Vietlott lottery tickets; Online Shopping; Loship food delivery

Fee Schedule

From Jan 1, 2022, the new fee schedule will be applied as detailed here

Terms & Conditions

Installation and User Guide

  • Download Sacombank Pay app here or scan this QR code:

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