Fishing boat insurance

Bảo hiểm xe cơ giới
Bảo hiểm xe cơ giới
Fishing boat insurance
Insurance product with many outstanding terms, providing comprehensive protection for boats for every great sailing trip.

Outstanding features

Competitive fees

When joining and renewing

Confident sailing

Wide coverage

Attentive and dedicated

Customer care


  • Competitive premium rates when participating in insurance and renewing insurance for the following years.
  • Wide coverage.
  • Excellent customer care policy, quick coordination, and handling when insurance events arise through hotline 1900545517.
Fishing boat Insurance, for a safe and wonderful sailing trip.

Fishing boat Insurance, for a safe and wonderful sailing trip.

Scope of Insurance:

  • Hull insurance: Insurance for losses or damages related to the physical structure of the vessel (including the hull, machinery, equipment), and fishing gear on board the vessel due to insured risks.
  • Shipowner's liability insurance: Insurance for expenses incurred (injury or property damage) caused by the insured vessel that the shipowner must bear in accordance with the law or court decision.
  • Crew accident insurance: Insurance for crew members (captain/deputy, engineer/deputy, sailor, mechanic, staff, etc.) working and living on board the insured vessel against unforeseeable accidents.
  • Shipbuilder's risk insurance: Insurance for losses related to the vessel being built and during the trial run, delivery, and shipbuilder's liability.



  • Individuals who are owners of ships and boats with full registration, and control plates operating in the internal waters and territorial waters of Vietnam.
  • Shipbuilding contractors operating within the territory of Vietnam.


Documents for Fishing Vessels:

  1. Insurance claim form - Original.
  2. Registration Certificate - Copy.
  3. Technical safety certificate (valid) - Copy.
  4. Aquatic exploitation license (valid) - Copy.

Documents for Shipbuilding:

  1. Documents proving the value of the ship/appraisal documents - Copy.
  2. Insurance claim form and questionnaire - Original. Approved design (issued by the registry) - Copy.
  3. Evaluation - Copy.
  4. Shipbuilding contract - Copy.

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