In order to face unpredictable loan risks in life, An Tam Tin Dung is a solid foundation to protect the benefits of policyholders, with special utilities and interests to ensure finances for you and your family.

Outstanding features

Preserve property

Against risks

Payment Guarantee

Outstanding balance on the loan

Reduce Financial Burdens

For your loved ones


An Tam Tin Dung's Utilities

  • Ensure payment of loan balance according to the Credit Contract
  • Reduce debt burden for your family.
  • Preserve assets against risks

Insurance benefits

  • During the insurance period, when the Customer has an insured event (except for the cases in the Insurance Exclusion Clause), Dai-ichi Life Vietnam will pay the outstanding credit balance and the interest incurred from the latest premium payment period or the nearest Policy Month Renewal Date to the Date of the Insured Event, after deducting the outstanding premiums and related reasonable expenses (if have)
An Tam Tin Dung Insurance protects your benefits.

An Tam Tin Dung Insurance protects your benefits.



  • Age of participation in An Tam Tin Dung insurance: from 18 to 75 years old.
  • Agree to the terms related to the Insurance Contract and accept the condition that Sacombank is the Insurance Beneficiary of the Insurance Contract.
  • Meet the health requirements as provided by Dai-ichi Life Vietnam:
  • Answer questions and/or do a health assessment according to the total amount insured by Dai-ichi Life Vietnam.
  • BMI between 17 - 29.

Procedure to join:

  • Customers fully meet the requirements of loan documents at Sacombank.
  • Fill out the Insurance Claim Form.

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